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Your initial appointment will usually be longer than subsequent appointments, unless of course, issues arise in the subsequent appointments necessitating more time. Generally, appointments are a duration of 10-30 minutes, depending on the problem.

  • If your problem is a skin rash, it is worthwhile bringing the various creams, ointments and medication that you have been using thus far.

  • If your visit is regarding a skin check for skin cancers, it is best not to apply any make-up on your face before the visit.

  • If you have had radiology or other investigations (biopsies and blood tests) performed that you think are relevant to your problem, you may bring the report; there is no need for radiology films.

  • If your problem is a rash, Dr Adib will want to see your rash, therefore consider convenient clothing.

  • If your visit is for a skin cancer check, you will keep your underwear and bra on during the skin check - almost similar to what you would wear to go swimming.
During your appointment, Dr Adib will speak to you about your problem, examine you and then perform any necessary investigations, before devising a plan for managing your problem. Often times, a follow up visit will be required, either to discuss results or re-assess the problem if treatment has been initiated.

If your problem is of an infrequent nature of irregular occurrence, then a follow-up appointment may be left open to circumstances, depending on when the problem re-emerges.

Please note we have a cancellation fee of $100 if you cancel a confirmed appointment within 24 hours.

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