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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral?

You will need a referral from your General Practitioner (GP) when attending your first appointment. This referral is valid for 12 months for that same problem. If you develop a separate unrelated problem later in the year, it is best that you obtain a separate referral for the new problem. If you are referred by a specialist, the referral will be valid for only 3 months. If the problems persists beyond 3 months, it is best that you obtain a GP's referral for your subsequent visits.

What if I don't have a referral?

The disadvantage to you, if you don't have a referral, is that you will not be able get back the Medicare rebate for your consultation and any procedures that you may require. Usually Medicare reimburses you a small portion of each consultation and each procedure; this can only be given to you if Medicare knows that you have a referral from your GP (and we, of course, have to supply that information to Medicare).

However, if you are happy to forego the reimbursement and pay the whole expense yourself, then you won't need a referral. This usually occurs when someone has an urgent rash and cannot find time to see their GP, preferring to come straight to the dermatologist.

How much is the Medicare rebate?

The Medicare rebate differs for each consultation and each procedure. It is a modest amount that changes from year to year. Please note that we do not bulk-bill consultations as it would be impossible to cover the running costs of the practice if it were so.

How can you claim back the Medicare rebate?

Our clinic has Medicare claiming facilities onsite for your convenience. If you wish to use this facility, you will need to have your bank details linked with Medicare (if you have not already done so). To process your rebate, our staff will require your up-to-date Medicare card details. Medicare will then process this claim and submit the refund into your designated bank account.

When is payment required?

It is the policy of our practice that payment is made immediately after your consultation, on that very same day.

The practice accepts Department of Veterans' Affairs Gold Cards and White Cards which have been approved for treatment of skin conditions.

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